Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Software Teaser! Store-N-Share

Here's a quick teaser of our upcoming Store-N-Share Software

-Use Store and Share to allow your external harddrives to handle project data as if you were using the internal drive.
-Store and Share allows you to switch between using your internal drive or external drive in the Project Settings menu.
-Hard drives formatted for Store and Share use can be used between different Bogart systems.
-Set up different project environments on Store and Share so your external drive could have more than 30 projects in use.
-Store and Share has it's own initialization function to format your harddrives. The Linux based format used can allow the external drive to function with all of the Bogart backup functions (HD Bogart Backup, Storyboard Backups, etc.)

*Store and Share must have Bogart 3.1 or higher to run.

This is a big time saver, and allows for some pretty ingenious resource management.

Want to see Store-N-Share in action? Come visit us at NAB, we'll be showing this and more!

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