Thursday, May 13, 2010

MSUS Announces Smart Edit 9 Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MacroSystem US ANNOUNCES Smart Edit 9 Operating System RELEASE DATE - June 1ST, 2010

MacroSystem US Announces Smart Edit OS Release Date:
Boulder, CO

MacroSystem US ( announces the much anticipated release of the Smart Edit 9 Operating System for Legacy Casablanca Video Editors. This release not only increases performance and stability of the Casablanca line, but includes many new highly anticipated features.

“The Smart Edit 9 OS release is certainly a great one on many fronts. This may be one of the last releases of the Smart Edit OS as we are starting to run into development limitations within this older proprietary architecture. We are proud of the OS’s longevity, stability, and it’s incredible reputation.” - VP of Sales and Marketing Philip Bice

-Many new changes and enhancements to audio editing especially when using the Timeline display.
-Audio rendering is only needed for effects.  Other audio mixing will not need any rendering!
-Pre pre-mixing is now possible!  You can edit on top of an unlocked track of audio without having to delete the sample.
-A new display mode has been added during playback of the storyboard which allows you to see relevant scene names, effect names, and images.
-A project can now be copied to a different and empty project!
$249 - Full Version
$179 - Upgrade Version

MacroSystem US Smart Edit 9 Release Date - June 1st 2010

Contact Information:
Media Relations
MacroSystem US
5485 Conestoga Ct
Boulder, CO 80301

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  1. can't wait to get my hands on the 9