Monday, July 19, 2010

CB Paint for Bogart?

ok - here it is... I need your help.

CB paint was a hit with some, not with others. We are getting some requests for development, but not enough to move forward for us to drop the serious cash needed to make this work on Bogart.

All that being said - leave a comment or email me at and let me know what you think.

Is it worth $1500 to you? (this is less than we charged for our last version of CB paint)
Would you be willing to commit to a purchase of this if we announced we were developing it?

If you don't send me your thoughts or your opinion - don't complain that you didn't get what you wanted!
If you do send me your thoughts and opinions - they do get read and are valuable to development efforts!!!


  1. hmmm - I certainly wasn't clear about something here. My intentions are to get enough support (or not) to move this higher into the backlog's priority. I didn't mean to imply that CB Paint wouldn't be introduced to Bogart EVER.

    Right now we've got a list of features and software prioritized by the user community - given to us by the user community. That's our focus. I saw a couple of comments about CBPaint and am trying to re-gauge it's priority in our backlog since it was prioritized SO LOW by the users to us. It's all about prioritization at this point.

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