Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MacroSystem US Releases NEW "Title Studio"

MacroSystem US
is PROUD to announce the launch of a completely new Titler Software Package. This software is not an upgrade of it's current Deluxe Titler 3D Software - but an entirely new development effort. This new offering will continue to be developed against, and enhanced over time. Based 100% on user feedback and a user "wishlist", this new software has been developed to address the needs of the most progressive editors - while still remaining easy enough to use for beginners and basic home users.

This new Titler will run on the Bogart OS only (3.2c and above), and will continue to be developed on and expanded for many years to come. The new Titler also contains a new workflow - but one that is proven to be superior to the previous title studio software.

You can find a video overview of the new titler here

Find MacroSystem US's Product Page here - with lots of great info!

Here's the Highlights -
-About 100 pre-defined styles included, and nearly endless possibilities to create your own styles
-About 300 different materials and patterns for designing your own styles
-All tracks now in perfect full HD quality
-WYSIWYG editor
-Each letter can have its own font and style.
-Character Spacing, character width, and font size are adjustable for each letter
-The line spacing is set separately for each lin
-Justified text is supported
-Text alignment (left, center, right, block) is individually adjustable for each row
-Two different users layouts, depending on monitor mode


Q - Is the Deluxe Titler 3D being replaced?
A - Nope, it will still exist and be sold - We may be releasing an update in the next month or two - depending on our testing

Q - Can I have both titling software packages running on Bogart?
A - YES! See the manual's section 2.1 for more details.

Q - Can I try before I buy?
A - YES! Title Studio can be used in "Demo" mode.

Q - What are the OS restrictions?
A - You must install on Bogart 3.2C or higher

Q - Isn't this just the same thing with a new name?
A - NO! it's been developed from the ground up, 100% brand new. It's a 100% different workflow as well!

Q - Is it worth upgrading?
A - We think so! This was MSUS's #1 Customer Request to us... but we still advocate a demo and a view of the movie (above) before a customer buys

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