Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boulder on Fire

For those of you who might not know why Boulder smells of campfire - I thought I'd fill you in.

Boulder's on Fire.

This isn't the normal joke about our burning grill from the back of our loading dock scenario - but it's the result of an actual wildfire right here in Boulder, started by someone not paying enough attention to what they were doing.

Yup - some jerk decided to back into a propane tank on Monday. Perfect, just what we needed. So far, we're up to $7,500 acres of super hot burning forest.
How hot? Well, if the temperature drops below 81 degrees (Fahrenheit), the heat from the fire creates it's own little weather pattern up through the canyons - with turbulants so strong that experienced waterdrop/ airdrop 4 engine bomber pilots won't fly anywhere near said fire.


For those of you who aren't "locals"... it's a checklist joke that's not so funny.
Tourists? Check
Weekend and/ or Holiday? Check.
High temps? Check.
Extra Dry Conditions? Check.
Ridiculous amount of warnings in the media about fire danger? Check
RV? Check.

Guaranteed fire conditions.

Here's a pic from my front yard - I live about 6 miles east of the fire, and work about 1 mile east of the fire.

please excuse the crappy cell phone quality

With over 3500 residents evacuated, and the fire burning more and more out of control - let's all hope for the best and pray for no deaths/ injuries/ least amount of homes lost.

The view from my friend Joey's house....

Be careful out there folks!

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